Blissful Bangkok Part 2

Here we are at the second day of our Bangkok trip. We got up early and went to Pratunam market. Sorry but we just took some photos because we’re busy shopping!


At Pratunam, just 5-10 minute walk from our hotel.

Bangkok MRT

We passed by Bangkok MRT.

After an hour or two, we went back to the hotel and had our breakfast before we moved on to our next destination, the Grand Palace.

How to get here:

  • Ride the BTS Sky Train
  • Get off at the National Stadium station
  • Ride a taxi for only 100 Baht or you may take a Tuktuk if you want
The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is open daily at 8:30am – 3:30pm only.

The Grand Palace

So many people even on a weekday.

The Grand Palace

Palaces made of gold.

The Grand Palace

Palace guards.

The Grand Palace

Palace garden.

It was so hot that after we finished strolling around the Grand Palace, we immediately went back to the hotel, rest for a while and decided to go to the nearest mall, which is the Platinum Fashion Mall. Another disclaimer for this one as we forgot to take picture of the mall. I was having a migraine so after that we just call it a day, went back to our hotel and got ready for our flight tomorrow morning. Now I remember, we also don’t have a picture of their airport. Ouch!

Lesson learned on this first trip:

  1. Make an in-depth research on the places and how to get there. Their signs were not friendly and most people can’t speak or understand English.
  2. Make it a 3-day visit because two days weren’t enough, we didn’t even followed our itinerary.
  3. And especially don’t forget to take pictures. 🙂

That’s it for now, I hope in the future when I come back things will get better err I must follow the itinerary.


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