Splendid Singapore

Oh yes! I have been so busy that this post was long overdue. My next trip happened last April, it was Holy Week so we’ve decided to go to Singapore, my first time here.

Although we’ve experienced some trouble on the immigration because my mother-in-law is a public school teacher, she need some letter from the director which she didn’t know as it was her first trip out of the country. Thanks to the kind immigration officer that she let us through or else we’ll be staying at home on this long weekend.

So if you are leaving the country kindly take note of the documents that you would need or better yet don’t write that you’re a teacher by profession. Hahaha. Just kidding!

We arrived at Changi International Airport about noon and after eating lunch at T2 we checked in at Mayo Inn located at 9 Jalan Besar, Singapore.

Mayo Inn location

Look for this sign. Near Little India and in front of Sim Lim Tower. Price of room starts at SGD100 and if you book a month early they will give you discount.

It is a three-story building and if you’re looking for an affordable, value for money place to stay in Singapore then I would recommend you this. My bad, I forgot to take pictures of our Japanese inspired room, anyway you may check their website for the photos.

Since its already noon when we arrived at Mayo Inn, we just take a rest and have dinner after. Next stop for the next day, Sentosa!

Bugis Junction

Brunch at Bugis Junction before heading to Sentosa.

Sentosa Ticketing Booth

Here is the ticketing booth and information center of Sentosa at VivoCity shopping mall.

Sentosa Play Pass

Sentosa Play Pass rates and attractions to choose from. You may check http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/sentosa-play-pass/ to see their latest rates.

Universal Studios Singapore

The famous Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore

Entrance to Universal Studios Singapore.

Skyline Luge

I almost had a heart attack here but it was a nice view up there. We drove a Luge to went downhill and rode the Skyride to go back.

Sentosa Cable Car

We rode the cable car although I have a slight fear of heights. Last boarding at 7 PM for the Day Pass and 9:30 PM  for the Evening Pass from Imbiah only.

Sentosa Merlion

At night.


Must watch for children and child at heart.

Although the Songs of the Sea was extravagant I felt that it lacks something or maybe I was expecting more. I like the Musical Fountain Show of Manila Ocean Park better. Maybe I should write that on my future post, need to look for photos first. 🙂

And yeah, this marks the end of our day because we still have another day to spare in Singapore on my next post.


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