Heavenly Hong Kong

The first word that comes to my mind when I hear of Hong Kong is, shopping! Moreover, there’s Disneyland, Madamme Tussauds and Ngong Ping 360 to complete the list.

We arrived early in the morning at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Terminal 1. I really booked an early flight just so we can immediately roam around the country and maximize the time spent there. You can view our itinerary here.

Hong Kong International Airport

Inside Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

After eating breakfast we decided to take a bus which is cheaper than taking Airport Express. On my previous post, you can see a link of their public bus routes.

Hong Kong Public Bus

Inside Hong Kong’s double-Decker public bus.

Hong Kong’s Double-Decker Bus

At the second floor of Hong Kong’s double-Decker bus, on our way to Ocean Park.

If you can find an affordable place to stay near MTR Central station, then I say its the best location to stay. Because Central links you to all the attractions and the places you want to go to.

Banco de Oro Hong Kong Branch

There’s a Banco de Oro branch at MTR Central station. So if you’re an account holder, then you can directly withdraw a Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) directly from your ATM.

Just a piece of advice if you’re with a senior person or can’t handle a long walk, then just take a public bus or cab going to the Peak Tram. Because I’m telling you, the road is not only long but it goes up and down.

Hong Kong at night

Buildings with lights everywhere. I forgot what building is this, you can see this on your way to Peak Tram if you chose to walk.

Since I overslept after our Hong Kong Disneyland tour, which makes me so tired and sunburnt, we moved our Kowloon plan after going to Macau the next day.

Symphony of Lights

More light! Here’s what they called Symphony of Lights viewed from Kowloon.

Aqua Luna Junk

We arrived late from Macau so we missed the last sailing schedule of Aqua Luna Junk in Kowloon. Our plan was to ride the boat from Kowloon to Central, Hong Kong.

Avenue of Stars

A statue of Bruce Lee at the Avenue of Stars.

Canton Road

I would like to call this a shopping road. You can buy Prada here, anything that is fancy! There’s so many temptation at Canton Road, Kowloon.

Citygate Outlets

At Citygate Outlets, every day is sale day. Below, you can also see the public bus terminal. You can take the bus here going to the airport.

Lastly, you can download their Hong Kong Transport Map free at the app store so you won’t get lost.

Happy shopping! :)


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