Ocean Park Hong Kong

Our first stop after arriving in Hong Kong and checking in our luggage at the hotel was Ocean Park. How to get there? Find out here.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy our trip here. Maybe because it’s scorching hot, I have no umbrella and a tissue to wipe my sweat. But surely, kids will enjoy here. So don’t forget to bring you kids!

Some Tips:

  • Best if you would go in the afternoon or when the sun’s not that hot anymore
  • If you really can’t, then bring some umbrellas or hats to cover your head from the heat
  • Also, don’t forget to bring towels and/or an extra shirt especially for the kids
  • And bring your own water because surely you’ll get thirsty
  • Camera! Camera! Camera! 🙂
Ocean Park Hong Kong

Welcome to Ocean Park.

Deep Sea Traders

We went inside Deep Sea Traders.

Deep Sea Traders

You can see fish here and there.

Deep Sea Traders

And in different colors.

Deep Sea Traders

School of fish. Honestly, I wouldn’t like to be in there. Pretty scary!

Deep Sea Traders

Look up! It’s superman?

Deep Sea Traders

Okay, now I want to be in there. 🙂

Deep Sea Traders

Perfect for a hot weather.

Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures

We went to see a panda at Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures.

Emerald Trail

This is what they called the Emerald Trail. I am just not sure of what to expect here. Haha


Too bad we weren’t able to try this one. I was so exhausted by the heat so all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel asap.


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