Review: Empire Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong

The Empire Hotel Causeway Bay is situated at 8 Wing Hing Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. A 4-star hotel service, not cheap but you get what you pay for.

Since we are always out going here and there, I didn’t get a chance to stroll around the hotel and check their facilities. But according to their website they have a pool, a health and fitness center, business services, and meeting venue.

I know it wasn’t practical but after a tiring day I just want to go home to a nice place which I can relax and rest my sore feet. 🙂

Things I Like:

  • Our room, not so big but its nice and clean. I like the design and the bathroom!
  • Some helpful staffs
  • Near Tin Hau MTR station (a 3-5 min walk)

Things I Don’t Like:

  • We find it difficult to look for the hotel (taxi drivers doesn’t speak English or we didn’t pronounce it correctly in their language)


  1. Please install a bidet at the toilet room, not everyone uses tissue only. LOL


I’ll give Empire Hotel Causeway Bay 5 out of 5 stars. Will I be coming back? Why not, but would want a hotel near Central station if ever I come back in Hong Kong. Will I recommend this place? Of course!

Photos taken at Empire Hotel Causeway Bay:

Empire Hotel Causeway Bay

Our small but cozy room. With big flat screen TV and a mini bar. This is the smallest room, superior room with city view. They have bigger rooms but of course cost more.

Empire Hotel Causeway Bay

Our not so big not so small bed, just right for us.

Empire Hotel Causeway Bay

The “Magic Glass”. It has a switch which you can turn on to clear the glass and see the inside of the bathroom. Cool!

Empire Hotel Causeway Bay

Small but elegant bathroom.

Empire Hotel Causeway Bay

I really like to copy this to our home’s bathroom.

How to get here:


  • From the airport ride a bus no. E11 and then alight at the last stop which is Tin Hau Station
  • Walked about three streets and turned right at Wing Hing St.
  • Look around and you can easily see the Empire Hotel sign


  • Take the Airport Express and then alight at Hong Kong station
  • Walked at Central station and rode the Island line
  • Alight at Tin Hau station and exit at Empire Hotel (you can see signage there)
  • A 3-5 minute walk after three streets

*Much faster by taking the train but much cheaper by taking the bus.


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