Review: Park Royal Hotel on Pickering Singapore

A newly built hotel on Upper Pickering Street in Singapore near Chinatown, just walking distance in Chinatown MRT Station. 🙂

My second time in Singapore and upon knowing where we will be staying, I immediately look for it in the web and found a beautiful photo of the hotel. I felt excited and can’t wait to be there, one word: WOW!

True enough the hotel didn’t let down my expectations. There are so many things to like about this hotel and I definitely want to go back here.

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Singapore 2.0

It was a sudden decision to book a flight to SG, its Chinese New Year and it’s a holiday! Since I wasn’t able to complete my checklist during my last visit, I plan to do it now.

Well, I did some but decided not to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) anymore. Any way there’s always next time. Plus I enjoyed staying at the hotel too bad I wasn’t able to try their fitness centre and their awesome pool because I had my period. Why is it every time I’m planning to take a dip at the pool my menstruation always lets me down just like what it did at Pico de Loro. Sigh!

Nonetheless, my second time around here in Singapore is still worth it. I didn’t spend a cent aside from shopping. Haha. Free food, free accommodation, free passes, thanks to my sponsor! 😉

Remember my first trip here? So this is the continuation of what I wanted to do.

Eve of Chinese New Year

Eve of Chinese New Year.

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Review: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club Batangas

We’ve been invited to a wedding at Nasugbu, Batangas and since the wedding starts at noon, we’ve decided to have an overnight stay somewhere near Caleruega Church where the ceremony will take place.

So I started googling and they suggested Chateau Royale which was 4.7 km away according to a booking site. My regimen when booking a hotel or accommodation is to search its exact location; how far was it from the city; and its accessibility. Secondly, I search for photos of the rooms and see if it complements the price. Lastly, I read feedback and reviews.

No single positive comment did I read from their guests but since this is the nearest, this time I didn’t mind the negative comments I decided not to expect.

And since I’m not expecting I learn to appreciate things, I think I should stop expecting now. LOL.

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NAIA T3 Overnight Parking

On my recent trip to Singapore on Chinese New Year I was flabbergasted upon learning that the overnight parking fee of NAIA T3 increased from 50PHP per night to 300PHP. Seriously?

Well my first reaction was it’s okay because I have no choice and my flight will be in 2 hours, so much for cramming huh. I just asked why, the lady on the ticket booth says it was “management decision”. Do I have a choice? Nah! I can look for another parking lot but might not make it to the flight. And so even if it’s an excruciating 5-night stay I just let go of the thought of incurring 1500PHP damage on my pocket money.

How come this news didn’t get media attention or am I just too busy that time that the news didn’t get to me. I also thought that since my last travel was August last year then I shouldn’t be surprised if they increased price, but not that high!

Aside from newly painted white marks on the parking ground and extending the parking lot, nothing spectacular was added. I’m willing to pay that high of a price if and only if they’ll give the kind of service that will compensate for it.

Maybe I should try Park N’Fly parking service next time. They charged P340.00 +EVAT a day a little higher but at least its not an open ground so I don’t have to worry about pollution and rain plus they have 24-hour free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Park N' Fly

Photo taken from Park N’ Fly website.

Do you have the same experience? Let me know on the comments section.