Road Trip: The All New Honda City 2014

The all new Honda City is finally here and we were invited to attend its launching at Honda Cars Shaw in Mandaluyong. There were motorcade, raffle, car show, food and more food. Hehe.

We also went to the 1st Auto Focus Summer Test Drive Festival the day after to test drive the new Honda City as well as other brands of car. I love that the steering wheel is lighter, the keyless remote with push start button, the touchscreen audio display with rear camera, a lot of power outlet, and it also has an Econ mode for fuel efficiency. Too bad we just bought a City last year. 😦

Honda City 2014
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Road Trip: JSK 1st Valenzuela Car Show

It is a Flashback Friday edition. Remember my third time to attend a car show? Well, this was my second and I came to realize that during that time I’m really not into custom cars.

Why? Because I have more photos of car show models than cars. Haha!

Valenzuela car show

A nice yellow car.

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Kamay ni Hesus Shrine and Healing Center Lucban Quezon

Time flies so fast and before I knew it, its Holy Week again. If last year we went out of the country, this time we didn’t make any plans so we just looked for a place to go. Somewhere we can look back, repent, and pray.

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine and Healing Center is situated at Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban, Quezon. It is said to be one of the popular pilgrimage destination in Luzon because it is near Mt. Banahaw which is considered a holy ground.

How to get here:

  • From a bus terminal, take a bus bound to Lucena.
  • Alight at Lucena Grand Central Terminal.
  • At Lucena Grand Central Terminal, transfer to a jeepney bound to Lucban.
  • Advise the driver that you are going to Kamay ni Hesus. You can easily spot the place as many passengers drop off here.

*If you’re bringing your own transportation just follow the road going to Lucban, Quezon and signs leading to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine and Healing Center. And don’t forget to ask someone if you think you are lost. 🙂

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine and Healing Center

We didn’t know that their tradition every Easter was to throw water to those who passes by. Glad we brought a car or else we will get wet!

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Genting Highlands Malaysia

One of the places you can go in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the Genting Highlands. Located in Pahang, Malaysia, it is described as the Sentosa of Singapore.

I’ve read there’s a lot of activities you can do here. However I was dismayed, since the theme park was put under construction this year and will not be finished until 2016, we had nothing to do.

We just went inside the hotels but also got dismayed maybe because I was expecting more, You know that I’ve been to Macau’s hotels and casinos, that is why I hate setting standards. LOL.

How to get here? Please see my post.

Normally, you have to take the Go Genting bus however, because the bus is leaving after an hour when we arrived at the station, we just opted to take a private cab/teksi for 60 MYR good for 3 persons max. So if you are in a hurry, would like a half travel time of taking a bus, and would like to have a private tour going to Genting Highlands then this one is for you. You can stop by the Chocolate Gallery and Strawberry Farm on your way to Genting Highlands.

*You may opt to take the Genting Skyway cable car and the Go Genting bus on your way back however on our part, we talked to Mr. Fauzi, our teksi driver to also take us to Batu Caves for another 60 MYR, which I will be posting soon. 🙂

The Chocolate Gallery

The Chocolate Gallery entrance.

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Food Travel: Gelato Craze

First time I discovered that Gelato is amazing was just last year. Gelato has been here around for such a time now and the reason why I don’t try one is because I thought it was the same like those yoghurt ice cream that you can see everywhere.

I love sweets and ice cream is no exemption that is why when I tasted a yoghurt ice cream, it was a miss because it tastes sour.

My first Gelato experience was good but that doesn’t stop me to taste for more and look for the best Gelato in town.

And because I love Gelato, whenever I see one I don’t think twice to buy and try it, whatever it takes err the price is.

Gelato craze

Still Looking for more. Yum!

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Road Trip: Manila International Auto Show 2014

The annual Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) held at World Trade Center up to the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) on April 3-6 2014 celebrates its 10th year of showcasing different brand of cars.

I’m excited but not about cars, its because of the car show models and I’m hoping to see my crush. Haha. I told you I’m really not into cars. LOL.

Aside from the custom cars and car show models. There’s a lot to see here and activities to do plus you can also take a peak of the latest models of your chosen brand sans Honda because the all new Honda City will be launched this coming April 26 at Honda Cars Shaw. Definitely you will see me there. 🙂

Yet still I have more photos of models than cars. Just hearing a lot of complaints on why there was no exit at the World Trade Center only entrance. I just hope next time they can be more flexible because I really don’t get why they wouldn’t allow everyone to exit there only the exhibitors. Exit was at PTTC only.

Manila International Auto Show 2014

My crush Rachel Santiago (I’m not sure if its the right spelling). I’m so lucky! She’s the first model I saw and this time I did not forget to wear my heels. 🙂

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1-Day Itinerary: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Here it is, the supposedly 2-day itinerary trip squeezed in a day. Whew!

7 am – Wake up call

8 am – Free breakfast at the hotel

9 am – Hotel check out

10 am – Genting Highlands
How to get here:

  • Take the Go Genting bus, that costs 9.04 MYR at Gombak station. There is also terminals located at Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral, One Utama, and Hentian Kajang. Since the Gombak terminal is the nearest we just opted to go there by rail station.
  • Follow the signs leading to Go Genting bus station, buy ticket, and it will drop you off at the Genting Skyway cable car near the Chocolate Gallery, which you can also visit and buy various flavors of chocolate, with one hour of travel time.
  • Ride the Genting Skyway cable car at 6 MYR for a single trip and 12 MYR for a round trip.

*You can go take the same route going back.
Note: Theme park is currently under construction until 2016.

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