Genting Highlands Malaysia

One of the places you can go in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the Genting Highlands. Located in Pahang, Malaysia, it is described as the Sentosa of Singapore.

I’ve read there’s a lot of activities you can do here. However I was dismayed, since the theme park was put under construction this year and will not be finished until 2016, we had nothing to do.

We just went inside the hotels but also got dismayed maybe because I was expecting more, You know that I’ve been to Macau’s hotels and casinos, that is why I hate setting standards. LOL.

How to get here? Please see my post.

Normally, you have to take the Go Genting bus however, because the bus is leaving after an hour when we arrived at the station, we just opted to take a private cab/teksi for 60 MYR good for 3 persons max. So if you are in a hurry, would like a half travel time of taking a bus, and would like to have a private tour going to Genting Highlands then this one is for you. You can stop by the Chocolate Gallery and Strawberry Farm on your way to Genting Highlands.

*You may opt to take the Genting Skyway cable car and the Go Genting bus on your way back however on our part, we talked to Mr. Fauzi, our teksi driver to also take us to Batu Caves for another 60 MYR, which I will be posting soon. 🙂

The Chocolate Gallery

The Chocolate Gallery entrance.

Sweetness overload

Sweetness overload!

Strawberry farm

Strawberry farm entrance.

Lavender garden

A Lavender garden inside the Strawberry farm.

Maxims hotel

Maxims hotel at Genting Highlands.

Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting.

It's cold up in here. What a nice weather!

It is cold up here. What a nice weather!


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