A Tale of a Rescheduled Flight

I was about to blog this last week but was too busy to do so. My friend booked a flight to a certain low cost airline, which is our “go to” for the best airfare deal back home.

This is not the first time they have rescheduled a flight that we booked from them, however because it was a seat sale according to their Terms and Conditions, they can change the details up to the last hour of your departure time.

Last week was different, she booked a flight last May from July 26-28, a month from now. Upon checking her online account from that airline, she was shocked. Her flight was rescheduled without her knowledge. In short, she was not informed. What’s worse is that the departure date was moved from July 26 to July 27 and her return flight was on the 28th July. So how would one enjoy her vacation?

The worst part, she tried calling the airline’s customer service hotline and the representative was so rude to her, even hang up on her (not to mention it was overseas). So I told her to get in touch with them through social media, maybe they can respond to her concern and act on it.

Good news, they have rescheduled the flight and return it to the 26th of July. So will not bash them anymore for that. Haha.

I just hope that this won’t happen to me in the future, without informing me. More so that they should not be rude when handling customers’ concern. 😉

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sorry guys, not the one I’m talking about. Just putting a picture on the post. 🙂


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