My First PAL Experience

I always fly Cebu Pac but there was one time that I needed to book a flight, the earliest possible. Since Cebu Pacific’s first flight was 10 AM, I looked at Philippine Airlines (PAL) schedule. There I found a 6 AM flight. Since I would like to experience PAL, I booked it even if it costs me 15K PHP.

I forgot if it comes with a baggage allowance but I don’t need it so no use to me at all. One thing’s for sure, it comes with a meal. Not bad since I wanted to eat some breakfast.

I chose their “tosilog” because the other one is “bangsilog” and I’m not in the mood of eating fish. When I opened my “tosilog”, I was surprised, it doesn’t look and taste like tocino at all.


Philippine Airlines’ complimentary breakfast meal.

I already finished their fruit dessert. I was so hungry that I forgot to take photos first. LOL.

What I don’t like:

  • The seats are so close to each other that there’s little room to move, feels like cramped
  • Unhelpful staff

What I like:

  • They provide pillow
  • They also provide headphones for the TV or switch it to music if you don’t want to watch TV

So I think I’ll be back flying Cebu Pac again.


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