An Open Letter to Cebupacific Air Philippines

I have mentioned on my previous posts that I always fly Cebupac even if the flight is always delayed, not until this day.

I have been cancelling a flight two days prior from the departure date and every time I clicked the confirm button it just loads forever and is not continuing to the next page.

So I thought that maybe the problem is in the browser because I’m using IE, so I tried using Google Chrome, but still the same.

When I went home from the office, I also tried it using Safari on my phone and just the same it loads forever. I tried and tried until the day of the flight.

At 1:57 PM, 4 hours before the flight, I called their customer hotline. The CSR said that maybe the problem is on the browser so I enumerated him the browsers I’ve used. After that, he’s putting the blame on my internet speed. Hello? Didn’t he know that Singapore is one of the country that has a fast internet speed? I almost laughed.

But because he asked a lot of questions first, it was now past 2 PM and the 4 hour before the flight cancellation period has lapsed. Then he told me to wait for 2-3 mins., as it was 2:07 PM and the flight was 6 PM, he’ll need to ask approval from his boss first. As usual, 2-3 mins. from PH is equivalent to 20-30 mins. and because I am on a prepaid my call was cut. They did not even bother to return my long distance call, the nerve!

Never again will I and my whole family be booking a flight from Cebu Pacific, this I swear.

A Letter for Cebu Pacific

A screenshot of Cebu Pacific’s website when trying to cancel a flight.


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