Malaysia 2.0

It was my third time to go to Malaysia but my second time to go to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

It was Chinese New Year and we had a very long weekend to spare so we opted to visit a nearby country.

We visited Legoland and stayed overnight at Johor Bahru. The next day we took the bus going to Kuala Lumpur. I thought that this trip would run smoothly but it turned out the odds was not in my favor after all.

First, we had a hard time going to Genting highlands because there were a lot of people going there that time. There was a long queue at Genting Skyway station and teksi (cab) drivers were charging us 40 MYR, by the way we took a cab going there at 35 MYR from Pudu Sentral.

Genting Skyway Station

Indeed patience is a virtue but I’m a woman of no patience. Haha.

I did not expect it to be like this so we opted to be dropped off at Genting Skyway station to experience riding the Cable car rather than go to Genting highlands directly by teksi (cab). If I only knew I would’ve dropped by Genting highlands instead and then just ride the Skyway Cable car in return.

Second, I planned to walk through the Twin Towers Skybridge however, we were informed that the tickets that day were already sold out as well as the day after. I should have purchased a ticket online instead if I knew they are only selling limited number of tickets a day.

And lastly, the day of our return. We booked a 4 PM bus however, because of the traffic jam we rode our bus at around 10 PM and arrived home at 3 AM.

Because of that, I will never ever go back to Malaysia on a CNY and most especially I will not take the bus anymore.


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