Tulipmania in Singapore

Aside from roses, I also love tulips. So upon hearing from my colleague that there is some tulip festival happening in Singapore, I instantly gathered more information about it.

Tulipmania, not only showcases different kinds of tulips but they have incorporated a fairy tale twist to appeal to the public. From 20th March to 10th of May only at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

I got to tell I had some high expectations as what to see inside. I was hoping to see vast flower beds of tulips. Although it does not sufficed our expectation, it was still all good.

There is a tendency to get really cold inside especially at noon to night time so you might want to consider bringing some sweater or jackets especially for your kids.

Tulipmania Singapore

Sorry to mention but that is all it.

Tulipmania Singapore

Some flowers were about to die and some were already dead. 😦

However you can see Red Riding Hood here, the Gingerbread House, and some other interesting stuff. There are also different flowers and plants other than tulips so it will definitely be an educational trip for everyone.

Below are photos of my favorite tulips. I’m glad I have contained myself of picking it out. Hope someone will give them to me instead. 😉

Tulipmania Singapore

Tulipmania Singapore

    Tulipmania Singapore     Tulipmania Singapore

    Tulipmania Singapore

    Tulipmania Singapore



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