My ANA Experience

After years of planning to visit Japan, finally the time has come! And the first thing I know that I have to do is to search for a flight.

Since I preferred to have a direct flight which is by the way is still almost seven hours from Singapore, my choices were narrowed to ANA (All Nippon Airways) and SQ (Singapore Airlines) at that time.

Both were listed at the top 10 best economy airlines so I know whichever we end up choosing is good nonetheless. Finally, we went with ANA as it was cheaper though it really isn’t cheap because its a peak season!

Based on what I’ve read, they have comfortable seats even in economy class with good amount of leg room which I can attest. Food also tastes good with unlimited drinks plus friendly flight attendants.

You’ll get entertained with their personal monitors with lots of movies to choose from or if you want you can just listen to music. You can also play games on it whichever you prefer. Please note that some of their aircraft may not be equipped with this so better check their website.

Overall, it was a great experience and would do it all over again.

ANA Experience

My personal monitor.

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