Review: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club Batangas

We’ve been invited to a wedding at Nasugbu, Batangas and since the wedding starts at noon, we’ve decided to have an overnight stay somewhere near Caleruega Church where the ceremony will take place.

So I started googling and they suggested Chateau Royale which was 4.7 km away according to a booking site. My regimen when booking a hotel or accommodation is to search its exact location; how far was it from the city; and its accessibility. Secondly, I search for photos of the rooms and see if it complements the price. Lastly, I read feedback and reviews.

No single positive comment did I read from their guests but since this is the nearest, this time I didn’t mind the negative comments I decided not to expect.

And since I’m not expecting I learn to appreciate things, I think I should stop expecting now. LOL.

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