Singapore 2.0

It was a sudden decision to book a flight to SG, its Chinese New Year and it’s a holiday! Since I wasn’t able to complete my checklist during my last visit, I plan to do it now.

Well, I did some but decided not to go to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) anymore. Any way there’s always next time. Plus I enjoyed staying at the hotel too bad I wasn’t able to try their fitness centre and their awesome pool because I had my period. Why is it every time I’m planning to take a dip at the pool my menstruation always lets me down just like what it did at Pico de Loro. Sigh!

Nonetheless, my second time around here in Singapore is still worth it. I didn’t spend a cent aside from shopping. Haha. Free food, free accommodation, free passes, thanks to my sponsor! 😉

Remember my first trip here? So this is the continuation of what I wanted to do.

Eve of Chinese New Year

Eve of Chinese New Year.

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