Legoland Malaysia Ninjago

Legoland’s newest attraction this year let’s you put your ninja skills to test!

Ninjago ride takes you to a mission to defeat the enemy by using your arms to create a lightning strike. In front of your seat were sensors that triggers when you extend your arm creating an illusion of you generating a lightning.

As per Legoland’s website there were four steps to master the lightning strike move :

Step 1 – Make your arm and hand as straight as a board
Step 2 – Bend your arm into a “V” shape
Step 3 – Karate chop downward like a bolt of lightning
Step 4 – Repeat

It was fun but I felt soreness in my arms afterwards. Maybe I did not do it correctly but hey, we came in second! Taking photos was not allowed inside so we just took advantage of the ninja statue made of Lego outside.

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Legoland Water Park in Malaysia

Legoland Water Park is situated inside Legoland Malaysia Resort where you can also visit the theme park and stay at their Lego themed hotel.

We purchased a Two-Day Combo ticket together with our hotel booking for only 245 MYR per adult and 195 MYR per child. A regular Two Day Combo ticket were priced at 305 MYR per adult and 245 MYR per child and/or senior. All prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

If you are only visiting for a day, you can rent out cabanas or gazebos starting at 150 MYR for a half day. You can also use lockers at a more affordable price which is available for rent to put your belongings to fully enjoy the water park.

Regular ticket prices for a day were 125 MYR for adult and 105 MYR for child (3-11 years old) & senior (60+ years old). Children below 3 years old entrance ticket is 11 MYR per day which is only available at Legoland ticket counter. You may book seven days or more in advance online to enjoy 20% discount.

Operating hours is from 10 AM to 6 PM every day. Surely kids will enjoy!

Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Build-A-Raft River.

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Review: Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Legoland Hotel in Malaysia is located at 7, Jalan Legoland, Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor.

To get here from Singapore, you can book a coach bus for 13 SGD per trip. If you are around Johor Bahru area, you can take the shuttle bus.

An overnight stay ranges from 670-2,550 RM inclusive of GST depending if it’s non-peak or peak period.

Check-in time is 4pm while check-out time is 11am. Late check-out will cost 100 RM per hour.

There are 4 themes that you can choose from : Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure and the newest addition, Ninjago. Deluxe and Suite rooms can sleep up to 8 persons, maximum of 4 adults while Standard and Premium rooms can sleep up to 5 persons, maximum of 3 adults.

You can also purchase tickets to the theme park and/or water park when booking a room in the hotel for a discounted rate.

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Mimicking Miniland at Legoland

Miniland in Legoland Malaysia is another must see attraction of the theme park.

It features 30 million LEGO bricks that showcase known places from 17 Asian countries such as Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore’s Merlion, Taj Mahal of India, etc.

With it being interactive is another reason why one can enjoy Miniland. Visitors can experience animation and sounds by pressing a button.

Legoland Malaysia

Merlion Park at Singapore.

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Star Wars Miniland at Legoland Malaysia

LEGO Star Wars Miniland is a must see when in Legoland. The attraction features seven scenes from the six Star Wars films and The Clone Wars animated series. It features more than 2,000 LEGO models built to a 1:20 scale using 1.5 million LEGO bricks as per website. The model display also feature authentic Star Wars sounds, actions and lighting effects.

I admit that I was not a fan of the series but the miniature display of certain scenes, places, and events were so beautifully crafted and it was also interactive as you can push several buttons on the side to move objects.

Legoland Star Wars

Before entering Star Wars Miniland.

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Legoland Malaysia

Finally after a failed attempt to go to Legoland in Malaysia last year because of some misplanning and misunderstanding, I was now able to see what the buzz is all about.

All the children and probably some adult like me will surely enjoy going to Legoland. With all those play areas; children and adult rides; as well as interactive learning centers, families can definitely have their bonding moments here.

Legoland in Malaysia is located at 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor Bahru. Open daily at 10AM – 6PM and up to 7PM every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Public holidays.

1-Day Ticket Prices:

Theme Park
Adult – 135 RM
Child/Senior – 109 RM

Water Park
Adult – 100 RM
Child/Senior – 83 RM
Toddler – 11 RM

Adult – 170 RM
Child/Senior – 135 RM

2-Day Combo Ticket Price:

Adult – 260 RM
Child/Senior – 207 RM

They also offer annual passes and give discount for those who will purchase tickets in advance.

How to get here

Via Airplane

Take a flight bound to Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
At Senai Airport, look for JPO1 or JPO2 bus that will bring you straight to Legoland. Fare charge is 6 RM max while the first trip is at 10AM and last trip is at 7PM with 3 hours interval.

From Kuala Lumpur:

Via Public Bus

Ride a bus bound to JB or Larkin Sentral.
At JB or Larkin Sentral, look for LM1 bus that will bring you straight to Legoland. Fare charge is 5.40 RM max while the first trip is at 8AM and last trip is at 7Pm with 1.5 hour interval.

Via Express/Direct Bus

Pick-up point from The Royale Bintang, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Pick-up time: 7AM (ETA at Legoland Malaysia Resort 11:30AM)
Fare: 57 RM one way Adult/Children/Senior

From Singapore:

Via Public Bus

Ride a bus bound to CIQ (Custom & Immigration Quarantine) 2nd Link.
At CIQ 2nd Link, look for JPO1 or JPO2 bus that will bring you straight to Legoland. Fare charge is 6 RM max while the first trip is at 8:30AM and last trip is at 5:30PM with 3 hours interval.

Via WTS Travel

Pick-up point from Singapore Flyer.
Pick-up schedules: 8:30AM, 9AM, 9:30AM, and 10:30AM
1-Way Coach Fare: 13 SGD
*They also have 2-Way Coach service and 1-Day Tour Packages.

Some Tips:

  • If you want to get a discount, buy your ticket online at least 7 days before your visit. I remember we got ours at 20% discount.
  • If you have some luggage with you that you don’t want to carry at all times while inside Legoland then, they have lockers designated outside or inside the theme park. Rent for the whole day is 20 RM for a small locker and 40 RM for the big ones.
  • Bring umbrella, cap/hat, or anything that can protect you with the unpredictable weather.
  • Bring plenty of water for the scorching heat and something that you can eat. But don’t worry if you forget, they have plenty of stores inside.
  • By the way, if you forget to exchange your money to their currency, do not worry they accept any currency but of course with their defined exchange rate.
Legoland Malaysia

It’s a must to take a photo with this as your background.

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Malaysia 2.0

It was my third time to go to Malaysia but my second time to go to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

It was Chinese New Year and we had a very long weekend to spare so we opted to visit a nearby country.

We visited Legoland and stayed overnight at Johor Bahru. The next day we took the bus going to Kuala Lumpur. I thought that this trip would run smoothly but it turned out the odds was not in my favor after all.

First, we had a hard time going to Genting highlands because there were a lot of people going there that time. There was a long queue at Genting Skyway station and teksi (cab) drivers were charging us 40 MYR, by the way we took a cab going there at 35 MYR from Pudu Sentral.

Genting Skyway Station

Indeed patience is a virtue but I’m a woman of no patience. Haha.

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