Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show

One of the things you can do when in Singapore is to watch the Light & Water show brought to us by Marina Bay Sands at the  Event Plaza at the Promenade.

I did enjoy the 13-15 minute show of light and water synced with the sound and music. I already watched it twice actually, but the story is vague for me. If they would think of a more suitable concept then, this show will be truly world-class.

Show Schedule:

Sunday – Thursday: 8 PM & 9:30 PM
Friday: 8 PM, 9:30PM, & 11 PM
Saturday: 9 PM, 9:30 PM, & 11 PM

Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show
Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show

I don’t want to post any video clip here because I don’t want to spoil anyone. Just come and see for yourself. 🙂